cost of nitron rebuilds

has anyone had their nitron single adjustable dampers rebuilt? there has been a few stories of problems, whatever that means in terms of symptoms?..

if so, is it only nitron who can service them, how long did it take and how much did it cost?

just doing a bit of research before a potential purchase…


Had mine “serviced” a couple of years ago. IIRC it was �50 per damper, & �15 per replacement piston (prices plus VAT).

Why not give Guy a ring, at Nitron, & ask the current price?

Tel No: 01993 849449

I think some of the poeple that sell Nitron can also rebulid them, but not sure that it is much of a saving, other than if you take your car to them them they can take them off, rebuild and refit. A better option for those that don’t want to be without a car or don’t want to do some spannering themselves.

The main issue appears to be around the adjuster seizing. Although there are those who state that the oil should be changed every couple of years depending on use. However, that’s not saying anything against the oil Nitron use, just that any oil in any damper will be beyond its serviceable life in this period of time.

Can’t say I feel my standard LSS dampers are any less good than when I got them but others would say that’s just a reflection on my ability to feel the difference.

Pesky - why did you need a new piston - I wouldn’t have put that down as a standard service part?

Pesky - why did you need a new piston

No idea - Nitron replaced them at the time of the service, & got them back as a “fait accompli”. I had/have no reason to doubt that they were needed at the time, but I made a mental note to ask the question, when they’re in for the next service. (They had been on Russ’s car for a year before I bought them, so it’s probably his off road driving which knackered them!)

just got mine back. 50 quid a damper plus VAT, so its �250 all in for 4 if you dont need any other work done.

This time i was just the 250, but last time i needed piston rods aswell as mine were bent. Not sure how exactly, but as the car was [censored] before and fine afterwards, i guess they were definately bent.

P.S. i got mine back in 4 working days. which is amazing service.

has anyone had their nitron single adjustable dampers rebuilt?

It’s worth knowing that the early ones cannot be rebuilt - there are no serviceable parts inside. I had quite a long chat with Nitron about mine. They will do a reduced price replacement purchase though.

The way to spot the early ones in that the damper adjuster in a yellow knurled screw with a grubscrew in the middle on the side of the tube rather than a large “washer-type screw” around the tube itself.