On the basis that not everyone who uses this site also uses the BBS site on a regular basis, they have had a thread there about corrosion of the interior floor panels. I have just removoded the plastic floor covering on my 98/12k/no winter use Elise and both floors show aluminium oxide and some minor pitting, more so on the lightly used passenger side. It appears this problem is evident on all models which use the Elise tub, including the Mk2, and it is recommended that you remove the floor covering as soon as possible to avoid potential holing and structural damage of the floor. No fix is available as yet from Lotus, although they are aware of this major and potentially serious issue. The current recommendation is to wash the floor with clean water to neutralise the corrosion and use the accessory mats (they ‘breathe’) - eventually it is hoped to give information on a primer/paint system to seal the blistering.

RobI read the thread - getting rather long …For us persons that do our own service I wonder if Lotus will honour the corrosion guarantee ? Can they back away from it ?

I thought that when aluminium corroded it stopped at the point where there was a surface layer of corrosion and went no further??If this is true then won’t that mean that it will be normal for the floors/tub etc to get surface corrosion before stabilising? Thus presenting no further worry?

I do my own servicing too, as I think many of us do - if it came to the law I do not see how Lotus could plead that dealer servicing could affect the corrosion - apart from the Dealers receiving early warning of potential issues and rectification via ‘Service Alerts’. I am not aware that Dealers have been notified - it certainly does not show up in the BBS thread that any factory rectification has been advised.The floors, along with the rest of the aluminium chassis structure, is anodised to resist surface corrosion, pitting and eventual holing and collapse. It is like the bluing on gun parts - when penetrated corrosion starts immediately with rust (iron oxide). Thats what the powder is - aluminium returning to it’s natural oxide. This will not stop at a certain level, but continue to degrade unless neutralised and repaired.

If anyone hasn’t checked under the mats yet, i suggest that you do, both our cars had corrosion spots.

yeah i checked my 2001 y reg exige and although its immaculate on the exterior there are rather large bad oxidisation pits on the drivers side, went straight back to storm, they are now consulting with lotus and i will update as to the answer, but something will have to be done as i have a warrenty and was sold the car two months ago as being a1 immaculate…

just ripped out these poxy mats and found similar damage like others…so, check like Phil suggested…later,Bruno

me too - also if you haven’t already removed it I suggest you ditch the mat from the boot (if you can call it a boot), I also have horrid markings left by the wet mat in there.I suggest all affected email “Exige footwell corrosion” to neil turner at Lotus with :a) Chassis numberb) mileagec) short text on the problemhis email is [email protected]. They are aware and say they will be in touch when they have decided what to do. We should all have 8-year anti-corrosion warranty.

Maybe another avenue Lotus may wish to explore to pare weight from the car? [image][/image]

There is a Lotus representative (promised) at the Stoneleigh Elise meeting next Sunday. I will E mail Neil Turner and ask that the chap be brought up to speed on the issue so that he can give us some answers.

Hi chaps, i went to SGT the other day and they advised that they have had a memo from Lotus ack’g the problem but to wait until they receive another one before acting on clients cars.I will let you know when i hear more as Dave F from SGT is emailing me, Mark.