Correct seat placement hole?

Hi all

Very pleased to just take delivery of a very orange S1 VHPD in Singapore.

Very excited to get it back to exceptional condition!

I did notice that the driver’s seat seems to be turned towards the centre of the cabin vs straight. I noticed there is an empty bolt hole next to the one being used. It has the sports seats.

Would someone mind to confirm it is mounted correctly? I can’t find any photos of the correct position…

P. S. Please don’t mind the interior condition… Previous owner didn’t seem to clean it for more than a year!

It looks wrong to me. I think the front holes are in the right place, but the back bolts need to go the holes that are further inboard. This is easiest to see in the rear mounting point nearest the driver’s door; it should be the second hole in.

When you look at the front of the seat from above, it should be roughly parallel with the grooves in the tread plate. It looks like your seat is parallel with the side of the chassis instead.

Very jealous of your handbrake grip!
Here’s mine for reference, both seats point towards the centre slightly. Check the forward “seat mount” as this is not mounted in the same holes in the seat runners as standard, it’s intentionally canted towards the car centre.

I did the exact same thing a few years ago on my Elise and ended up with the drivers seat pointing too far towards the centre of the car.

This is a handy reference with guidance to the bolt holes:

So it looks like we’ve all got the same position at the front, but not at the rear. That SELOC wiki shows the outermost holes on an S2, which leaves the seat pointing inwards on an S1.

Mine is the same as Keith’s - innermost holes at the rear - which means that the seat is perpendicular to the ridges on the chassis.

Wonder if the S1 & S2 are different….

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Hi all - thanks so very much for the replies and photos. I will take the seat out tomorrow and take a look. I also wonder if S1 and S2 were different. But so hard to find any very original or press photos of the S1 showing seat bolts so not sure what was the original intention.

Forgot to upload a pic of the car… Here it is! Lots to do…

It does have a view interesting things like an exige oil cap and engine cover, exige handbrake cover and it has like a rubber surround on the gearknob (maybe for hot climates?).

Unfortunately in our heat the coolant temp hits 120 often in traffic with aircon so first upgrades are a better radiator, dual fans and the bypass coolant kit with a lower thermostat. Ideally I’d like to insulate some of the coolant pipes in the sill and dash but have to figure out how to get to them… Fun project!


Mine - same as your pic at the front of runners. On the right-side runner (nearest sill), the rear bolt is in the inner hole, so same as @keithmanx

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