Corner weighting

Dont know that much about this topic and I dont know anywhere close to me where I can get it done…can always buy some weights…but its a bit expensive…

Anyway… if the weight its a bit of … its basically not that much to do about it… Its hard to move weight around . but you can change the ride height a bit to compensate for it … But there must be a kind of basic rule when it comes to change the ride height left/front… Like no more then 2mm difference??.. or??

Just beeing curious

Corner weighing is not done to move weight around in the car to balance it, it is done precisely to adjust the pressure each wheel exerts on a flat surface.
The problem with the idea of adjusting each shock within a few mm�s of each other is that it assumes the chassis is perfectly flat, which it may not be.
So, basically in order to have a car having a perfectly flat stance, even if the chassis is not perfectly straight, you corner weigh it, check how much weight each wheel is holding and adjust the shocks to read within a few Kgs of each other.
It allows you also to put a couple mm�s extra ride height on the heavier side of the car, normally the driver�s side.

You need corner scales, and this is specialized Motorsports equipment that you won�t find on a normal mechanic shop.
Look for a race team, they are the ones (or, race geometry setup people, of course).

I�m just fiddling at the moment with my springs and am going to drive it later for corner weight adjustments to a young racer that is fastidious about his car�s setup. He has to, he�s won last year�s hillclimb championship in some sort of single seater�