Corbeau Motorsport Seats / Harnesses / Harness Bar For Sale

Due to Sustained protests from my better Half my Motorsport Seats / Harness Equipment are for Sale:2 Corbeau Motorsport Seats in Black with Red inserts (Lotus sourced but drivers seat is similar to the Corbeau ProSport)Drivers Seat Runner (Passenger fits standard runners)2 Willans 2" Red 4 Point Harnesses with push buckle + Shoulder Pads1 Bolt on Harness Bar (hence you can keep the standard Belts)Price for the Lot: �550 onoPlease drop me a mail if you are interested:[email protected]

Why is it these bargains come up when i am skint [image][/image]Someone buy it for me [image][/image]

Try advertising them on if you haven’t already. I assume these are the ones similar to the 340R seats?If so you can get a fair bit more than that for them.Cheers

Mark,The seats are not the 340R type - I suspect that they are the same as your Corbeau Motorsport Seats (I remember seeing a picture of yours on a thread regarding Roll Cages - you have blue ones if I am not mistaken)?Cheers,James

duggan - interested in the bar alone if it would fit an elise…would you split the package?

No Longer for Sale [image][/image]

Nick Didn’t want to break into Duggan’s ad with stuff of my own for sale, as it seemed rude, but now he has sold his stuff it’s OK.I have a harness bar on it’s own for sale - was in my Elise, but as I already had seats and harnesses in the Exige when I bought it, it is now surplus to requirements.Looking for about �50 - email me if still interested