Cooling fan switch button

hello everybody!

I have an airconed Exige and I have tried to put a switch button to run the cooling fan when I want (I had made this modification on my previous 111S) to avoid a HGF if the temp sensor have a problem.

It is just a switch wich is connected to the B relay in the front bonnet (see manual). The weird stuff is that that was running with the 111S but not with the Exige (maybe because of the aircon? ).

Do you have any idea about that? Have any of you already made this modification?

Hi i did the same thing on my old s2 elise, are you saying the relay isnt on the exige? I must admit i just put the aircon on now, which brings in the fan.

Is that the same fan? I think A/c S1s have a second fan on the rad.


The relay is the same one but when I have connected a switch button the fan didn’t ran.

Are you saying that when the aircon is running, the slower fan is running automatically ? So the solution in the traffic jam is just to run the aircon ?

Yes when the a/c is on one fan runs, it does pull the temperature down a bit. I will try and have a look at the wiring diagram to see if its wired differently.

ok thanks

The diagram for the s1 is the same, the relay coil has constant power to it and the ecu just grounds the return. All you need to do is run a cable from the relay coil -ve through your switch to earth.

The ECU grounds out each side of the coil as and when it wants to fire the spark plugs, so neither of the earths from the coil pack are grounded all the time. So this would not be a good place to put your fan switch negative, as the fan will be constantly turning on and off.

When i say relay coil i mean the contacts on the relay which power it as against the no volt contacts/switches on the relay, NOT the main vehicle coil, sorry for the confusion.

LOL sorry Gav, I got completly the wrong end of the stick there mate. I thought you must have been on the Stella or somat.