Ok Ok, I freely admit that I’m rubbish at this maintenance lark…but re. coolant, I’ve noticed that the level is a little way down from the max. marker and needs topping up. The Exige handbook states that only ‘Unipart Superplus’ should be used and that different coolants should not be mixed together. Is this really the case or can I top up with a dash of Halfords finest?

Dont take any notice of the min or max levels, they should have labelled them hot and cold!, when cold the level is normally around the min mark, most cars will find there own level and as long at stays there its nothing to worry to about.Excess coolant will just be spat out the cap.Make sure you get the right fuild, either its green or yellow in colour, dont mix them.

Cheers for the advice Phil - guess I’ll leave it as it is.