Coolant leak, where from!?!?!

Hi all,

OK, car is coming apart yet again

My flexi on the manifold went and so melted my gear linkage, the inboard CV boot and over heated the gearbox as well

So my engine bay is covered with g’box oil and grease! Not nice

But now I’m fixing that I’ve found that there’s some coolant in the mix…

Now it’s leaking along the px side and there’s a line of coolant along the rear toe link and bottom rear wishbone…

So where would a likly place for this to be coming from be???

There is a steel pipe which bolts to the engine block and feeds into the the thermostat. run your fingers along the bottomof it as it may well have cracked. Only about �20 to replace. If you d replace it then lube up the O-rings that seal it bofore you fit it back together to stop them pinching up.


sorry to hear you’ve got more hassles… i’m sure you’ll sort it out.

As far as the leak goes all you can do is have a poke around… sounds like it’s in n area that you can get to so shouldn’t be too problematical once you clean up the other bits n bobs.

Ah it’s no worries, drive it like a b1tch and expect it to bite back occassionally

There are plenty of times when I’ve got home with the luck of the Devil on my side so these are just small problems I guess. But it’s also an excellent learning curve so I don’t mind.

And I’d really like to get a couple of races in so it’ll all be very useful to know (will have to be after June however… But time will tell)

found that leak yet ?

Cheers Rox,

Not yet, TBH I’ve got the car up on the ramps and the undertrays off but I’ve not even looked at it other than that… Had a “busy” weekend but should get some time this week to take everything apart

Got a load of little jobs to do, CV Boots, g’box seals again as the driveshafts are coming out, repair the flexi pipe, bottom steady mount and the bling bit of smoked indicators Oh and I have about 3 cans of engine degreaser to get all the CV grease out this time!

Oh and I have about 3 cans of engine degreaser to get all the CV grease out this time!

out of where ?

your not supposed to do that with it

Heh heh heh

Nah, the flexi split, which melted the gearlinkage and cv boot so my engine bay is COVERED in thick horrible grease

YAK !! bleuch !!

Had everything apart yesterday, replaceing the CV boots, done the gear linkage (Geary’s feels very tight! Cool!) and all the rest of it but couldn’t spot the pipe…

Does it run underneath the TB’s?

Or is it over the gearbox? ALl the coolant leak seems to be only above the gearbox and running down the back of it…

It’s not a massive leak so I can keep topping up if needs be until I track it all down.


pretty sure some coolant pipework goes under the TB’s and there are quite a few joins around there. Have you got your airbox off ? (didn’t you fit 1/4 turn qr fittings ?)

Yeah, I’m still working underneath at the mo’ But I could see up to the pipe once I had the driveshaft off and it looked OK… Also looked too much over to the RHS of things…

The coolant is all 100% on the LHS, doesn’t seem to be even vaguely onto the RHS of the gearbox