Contact Switch for Removeable Steering Wheel

I have a Sparco removeable steering wheel. Its the one with the two small buttons on either side of the central hub. At present I have both connected up for the horn on a normal 2 way connector and wire. This means every time I take the wheel off i have to be careful to unplug a cable before removing it from the vehicle. Its the same in reverse when refitting.
What i really want is a spring loaded contact switch so that there are no cables or plugs to unclip. Only I cant find one at present. Has anyone solved this problem on their car, and if so what connector did you use?

Steve, I dont have any advice as I’m thinking about fitting a momo wheel myself. Will I have the same problem with the horn?
Also where’s the best place to buy the hub kit, and how much approx?

I bought my snap off kit and wheel for my Elise about 2years ago from Xtreme motorsport. (01279 412603) I think it was Dale I spoke to and he had to special order it I think. I believe Moto-build also do their own kit.
Its a vauxhall Corsa boss you need but had difficulty trying to find this out. No one would tell me or Xtreme when they tried to order me one.
Be careful which snap off kit you get though. The first one they sent me was a mountney one which just snapped into place and felt a bit cheap but the proper one (as per the proper Lotus kit) is made by the original snap off company and comes with a small key / locking device meaning you need the key to get it on and off.
My wheel and kit exactly as per the Lotus kit cost me approx �220. Much cheaper than a dealer.

The snap off kit comes with 2 plastic plates with 2 contacts on. One fits to the back of the wheel and the other fits to the hub/boss of the car which enables the horn to work when the wheel is on and means easy removal.

You will also need the contact panel fixed to the back of the standard wheel to clip to the back of the new boss.

One word of warning which several dealers told me. When removing the original wheel it may be very tight. Do not hit the wheel in any way as the steering column it designed to collapse (ie as a safety measure if you have an accident).
I loosened off the nut slightly, sprayed it with WD40 and drove around for a bit and it freed itself.

Let me know if you want the part numbers from Xtreme and I’ll try and dig them out for you.


I recently bought a wheel/kit from here - well chuffed with it too

Tip - use a three - legged puller to save sharp blows to the column!

Tip - use a three - legged puller to save sharp blows to the column!

Volunteering yourself again, then???

Thanks guys…it sounds like I am just missing the two plastic backing plates…I’ll see if I can get them from your contact.

That looks smart, what size is the wheel and how good is the quality compared to MOMO?


It IS a Momo, & its the same size as the original.