Conrod Bolt Torque

Need to know the torque setting for the conrod bolts for the steel conrod set if anyone can assist, has to be a fair bit more than std bolts.

If anyone could assist it would be greatly appreciated.

You need to contact the manufacturer to be certain. In the abscence of any information 40lb/ft would seem reasonable. The stock bolts are tightened to 25NM and then tightened a further 45 degrees. Make sure you lubricate the threads and under the bolt heads.


Thanks Dave, thats exactly what I had my torque wrench set to last night but thought it best to confirm.


Did you get manufacturer confirmation ?

Sorry had forgotten to post. Dug out the ARP bolt website and found the make of the bolts which are ARP 2000’s. they reccomend stretch tightening but I don’t see that happening easily. They say 45ft/lbs which is 60.75NM, they are considerably larger than the std bolts so 20nm is to my mind not going to cut it with them. So I was pleased to find the info from Arrow Rods/ARP’s website