Congrats to RussT - ARDS

At Oulton today we heard that Russ has passed his ARDS exam - Well done that man !!

Now - tell us all, Russ …

Weel done cutty sark…

when dya go racin Russ ?

Yep Well done Russ - So is it a race season next year

Just wait until you see him in his Nomex romper suit

Well done, mate

Cheers chaps, just managed to scrape thru
Seriously though, it isn’t rocket science if you know the flags and use your loaf in the written (multi-guess) paper, then don’t go off in the practical. The instructor, Richard Peacock, is a star man and gave me a bit of free instruction after I had passed the driving bit, so I can knock a few more tenths off my Anglesey lap time. I am hoping, funds allowing, to do the new version of the LRS next year, so I need to buy a huge tent to keep the Edwards pit crew dry. I hope to finish at least one race ahead of an MGF!

I’ll be your pit crew !!

Hooray - look forward to seeing you out there next year!


Well done Russ. I’ll be cheering for you when you hit the tracks.

Well Done Russ,

The offer is still on for “pit Crew” next year