Condensation in boot

Hi I own a 2005 S2 Exige and have terrible problems with condensation in the boot. The battery cover gets wet as well as the carpet. If you run your hand along the top of the boot (under the wings) it is dripping wet. This happens in all temperatures indoors and out doors.

Please let me know if this is just me or is it a common problem. I am certain it is not leaking in from anywhere because it is all over and it is a real pain because I can’t leave anything in over night.

Many thanks


Have the same problem with mine if I wash it. I was told it was a case of TADTS

Mine is one of the first S2 exiges and it’s lived outside ever since. Never had a drop of water or condensation in my boot.

Put some chalk or something around the rubber seal then shut and open the boot and see if it is touching all the way around.

I agree you should not be getting any water in there. I hand wash mine and hose it down. Never any water in the boot. It sounds like you are getting water in their somehow and then because of the high moisture some is then condensing on the top. IIRC isn’t there a drain pipe that run through the boot also? You may want to check that too.

Mine is the same, slightly damp on the carpet where it butts uo to the engine bay - will check it out over the holiday.

Mine is the same, slightly damp on the carpet where it butts uo to the engine bay - will check it out over the holiday.

Hmm, make slightly damp - soaking wet! Water dropping of the underside and condensation in the lights, as per Tugboats OP.

My spoiler bolt heads were all rusty, so I removed the spoiler and could see that the mastic sealer is not intact.

I have superglued some pond liner rubber to the underside of the spoiler bases and will refill the bonnet holes with silicone sealant after refitting tomorrow.

I hope this solves it but at the moment I’m not sure that this is the only method of water ingress?

I have dried the carpets and the boot but can’t seem to solve the condensation in the lights, even with a hairdryer - happy days!

dry as a bone here

OK, carried out the re-install and refill with silicone sealant and after 1 wash there doesn’t appear to be any water getting into the boot - fingers crossed if it is dry in the morning, it may be problem solved?

PS: if anyone else tries this, buy some clear sealant - I used white (because I had some) and as you do the bolts up it squeezes out on the outside and takes a fair bit of cleaning up afterwards!!

Hmm, close but not quite there yet. After refitting all the dried boot carpet and foam, I gave the car a good wash and hose down (including underneath as recommended in the manual).

12 hours later, initial inspection revealed that the tops of all the carpets were dry, so the spoiler bolt hole problem seems to be solved?

However, a closer look revealed that there was new water beneath the foam pad on the boot floor? There are a few rivetted washers in the boot floor which are all completely rusty and the one on the right “seems” to be letting water in - anyone had this as the source of the problem and what is the fix?

Getting a bit cheesed off with this now as keeping water out of the “dry bits” shouldn’t really task a modern car manufacturer - thankfully they don’t manufacture boats!

thankfully they don’t manufacture boats!

but if they did it they would probably be the fastest boats around the lake… //thanks c/o Carlsberg//


Water is still getting into the boot, even though I have silicone sealed the rusty rivets/washers on the floor.

I am confident it isn’t via the spoiler bolts as they are bone dry, so can only assume it is the rubber seal around the edge?

On top of that, I have just noticed that the roof leaks, around the bolted pad at the centre rear of the roof. The headlining around this area is now dripping wet!

This can’t be right surely? Are you supposed to plug the intake before washing (but then what happens when it rains)?

I think this will now have to go back to the dealer for sorting - I give up!

Sorry for bumping this one, but this water in the boot thing is driving me nuts as I want to put the foam/carpet back in and clear up the garage a bit!!

I tried putting talc on the boot bumpstops and then adjsuted them so they don’t quite touch down, allowing the boot lid to sit fully on the rubber seal. The talc proved this is the case and that no water is passing via the seals (nor the lights or spoiler bolts).
So after washing, I removed the excess water and carefully opened the lid to find that the water appears to be getting in via the furthest drivers side, carpet fixing press stud. This is the one near the drivers side drain hole and it looks as though it connects through into the engine bay?

The car is in for a heater module swap on Friday, so the dealer can have a go at it, but it is worth looking at if you have the same problem?

Hi, Mine is the same, the really annoying thing is it was perfect until the dealer resprayed my paint blisters on my rear clam and boot about six weeks ago. I never had a drop of water in the boot until then but now its wet through.
It seems to turn more like condensation after a run but I put this down to exhaust heat???
Looking on the brighter side I think they fixed the leaky roof and footwell they just moved the leak to the boot, ho hum.


They fixed the leaky roof - that gives me encouragement, I may get them to look at that as well?

I would take it back if as you say, the problem has started after they worked on it?

I suspect they haven’t re-sealed the lights after removing them to respray possibly?

I didn’t know they had leaky footwells! The last car I had that did that was a Ford Anglia in 1976, but that had a rust hole in the floor!

OK, I promise this is my last post on this subject, but for anyone who it may affect - Wey-Hey, after 4 weeks pi55ing around, I think I may have cracked it?

It seems the rear boot is a separate fibreglass moulding, sealed prior to installation (presumably?) to the clam? There is a joint up under the boot lip (in the area of the drain holes and carpet studs) which has a mastic seal. I have completely filled this join with bathroom sealant and at the moment, no more water!

I am so confident I have re-fitted the mats, so that is tempting fate eh

Congrats and don’t worry about posting. I am getting an 08 Exige in March and am sure it won’t be water tight

So all info is greatfully received

I’ve tried everything to solve it but I think your right about the mastic that bonds the boot together. I pored a jug of water in just behind the water bottle and some seeped into the boot through the mastic. I’ve put some clear silicone over it now so hopefully that will solve it.

I also took the spoiler bolts out and bunged the holes with silicone.
Cheers everyone for your help!

Nice one - not sure why we have to do this, but it is satisfying when it works!!

A leaky boot seems to be a growing problem. I bought my S2 in October and there wasn’t much talk of this then. Sorry if this is a bit noddy for experienced folks…

The drain hole on the rear clam seat was perfectly lined up with a gap in the sealant on the right hand side. As others have said the panel between the boot and the engine sealed about the edge.

So every time the car was out in the rain, water flowed down to the drain hole and then into the boot. It built up in the floor of the boot - under the carpet and foam. The pool of water in the bottom of the boot, then caused condensation on the top of the boot.

Finding the source of the leak was fairly easy - eventually! Take out the carpets, foam and battery cover. The foam needs a bit of wriggle to get it out and the battery cover just needs a bit of tug.

Dry the boot out and move the battery to the middle of the boot - water on battery probably not good! Give the car a bit of a hose down and take a torch to the boot - the leak will be at the top of the trickle of water running down the inside of the boot.

Once I figured this out the dealer fixed it without batting an eyelid. Might be tempting fate but the boot has been bone dry for 3 weeks now!