OK, so looks like I’m getting an Exige (when I can lose the Elise) How many of you good people use theirs everyday ? I have a 15 mile commute to work, in Yorkshire so non of those silly traffic jams or anything…just nice backroads

Can you hear the radio? i have a noisey Elise currently (janspeed with a hole in it, K&N, Stainless CAT pipe) and can listen to my stereo unless I’m going above 60/70 where I need to turn it up to 23

Any opinions chaps…


You luck swine! 15 miles on nice back roads to get to work. Just do it. You’ll LOVE it!
I’d use mine every day if I didn’t work at the same place as my wife. We use her SLK most days because she doesn’t much like using the Exige for short journeys. I only live about a mile from work so when I use it, I tend to take the long way round the back lanes and do at least 10 miles to get it nicely warmed up.
I can’t usually hear the radio in my car because I haven’t got one Who needs it with that engine?

Hi Neil,

Yep Ive used mine virtually everyday since Ive had it… Ice snow and all weathers

I do usually get stuck in a few traffic jambs but its never really a problem, It does get a bit hot though and I very often stink of fumes when I get to work

At least it wakes me up in a morning and hey can you think of a better way of getting to work

As for the stereo, mine does have one and you can hear it quite well…until you boot it

See this is what I need to hear…positive comments about daily use…all I heard so far is “you need a VX220 turbo” Errm I don’t think I do !

To be very honest, a few months back I was considering doing just that

I did have a few probs with the Exige and was getting very cheesed off with it and regretted getting rid of the Elise but my problems were all exaggerated by warranty companies etc!

But, I am SO SO SO glad I didnt, its now running better than ever and love using it as much as I can.

Yes the Vx and Elise are very nice cars but they are no Exige!!!

I have/do use mine on daily basis (depends on the Monday morning parking) and have found it no problem.

People definately move out the way when the see you in the rear view. My commute is about 15 miles each way, although this is mainly down the A3.

I have actually found the car to be better if it is used rather than left as I have found on a weekend if it is not started during the week it can be annoying and decide not to start without some persuassion

Did 450 miles in one go - Birmingham to Amsterdam via the tunnel on Sunday and it was very comfortable (albeit a little hot )

Not your usual commute I guess

Mine is used every day. Cars are there to be driven after all. Go for it - you won’t regret it.

Don’t get the chance to use mine every day as I have the old company hack…but … as often I can I take the Exige out and remind myself just why I bought it in the first place. Buy it you will not regret it. It drives, handles and looks like nothing else you can get for the money.

On the radio front mine has one fitted and I can hear it ok. Only thing is my car is fitted with harnesses and with the variation in engine noise with speed / revs etc its a pain in the backside to turn the radio up / down all the time. In the end I got an inexpensive remote which sticks to the column which allows me to turn it up / down without loosening the harness all time.

Mind you having said all that its usally radio off - window down just so I can hear the noise of the de-cated 190 with a Janspeed exhaust at full chat (especially in tunnels).

Cool ! I need a remote stereo and I have my perfect car

Not another NYLOC Exige!! - common as muck - reckon I’ll get an S2

Neil go for it you won’t regret it

If you’re up the Lakes this w.e. you can have a listen to my radio

Can’t come this weekend now ! Monkey is at his brothers Wedding so it would have been a room on my own ���!!!

So i’m test driving Exiges instead

Used both my old Elise and now my Exige everyday. Did 9k miles in the Elise in 11 months.

I find the Exige quieter, more comfortable and the stereo is great ! Might even drive up to Newcastle for a meeting next week…but still running in

Shame you’re going to miss those splendid roads this w.e. Good luck with the search, by the way a rather tasty little Gunmetal coloured number has just appeared on for sale on ebay


I have used my S1 exige almost everyday on a 13mile each way commute for nearly 3 years now… i’m 6’4’’ and have no problems whatsoever doing it. If I get stuck in traffic on a hot day its a bit of a pain but that’s very very rare. It dusnae like trickling along in traffic but does everything else in spades…

radio… mmm yeh i have one, but i wear earplugs, turn it up to 11 and put some Lizzy on… fine by me…

I used to have S2 Elise with Janspeed and ITG. I find my Exige more quiet and comfortable, even on 100+ mile journeys. Overtaking is a lot easier too