colour change


Bit board with the all black look atm
Seem to be only using the cars for track days also

thought about this colour , do you like it ?

Not seen it done in red and to do the mirros and spoliers sides also to match.

views please


Like it

Have you got a big silly wing now?

Do it. Looks menacing.

Thumbsup from me too. Looks good.

Individual and also safer, as more visible.

Do it!

Love it. Looks menacing…

That looks really good, go for it!!!

Get the Side Pods and front splitter red as well.

I was thinking the same with krypton Green stripes/pods/splitter/mirrors.

likin that MrD…likin that a lot!..done for Friday then?

I wanted it done for Friday, but having problems with the supplier, doh :frowning:

looks nice !!

Got it done yet Mr D ?


no but i do have new tyres, and gave them a test at donnington last night.

but then I ran out of brakes lol,

So new brakes now, and I am tempted to go for 4 pots which will put the red on hold.