colour blind

Guys have just sold the Krypton S2 and in the market for a replacement. Am going to get the Cup260 but Lotus here has NO colour samples to look at and Lotus cars arent particularly comon in Australia. Am considering Chrome orange or a black one, but there are 2 blacks, starlight and Phantom. Can someone here tell me the difference between the 2 blacks as the sales guys dont know.

Chrome Orange…


Starlight has lot of metallic with Phantom looking more flat black.
Have a look here -

Awesome, thanks for the link. My father has a solar yellow exige and my business partner has chrome orange. Although I love the chrome orange was considering something different. Had the krypton green for 5 years now so definitely need a change. Was thinking black with the yellow stripes ala lotus sport cars but unsure. I have a week to make up my mind.

Black with all that sunlight/heat, can’t help surely.

Just my 2p…

Black with yellow stripes :sunglasses:

But then I would say that as that’s what mine has!

A bit like this?

Yep, that’s the one :smiley:

Cadena colour scheme then :smiley:

[quote=ade]A bit like this?


Been there, done that !!! :smiley: - great car :sunglasses: