Cold Air Induction Kit

I recently go an Janspeed sports exhaust on my S2. I was now told I should consider to get an cold air induction kit. What is the benefit of doing it? Just power? How much are they and which ones should I consider… Although the question is not Exige related I hope to find some help on this side… Maybe Tony you could give me some guidance…CheersTEE

Hi. AFAIK the cold air induction kit is basically a replacement air intake system and a high performance K&N air filter. You get a slight ram air effect and slightly better airflow. The improvement isn’t huge, but then it doesn’t cost much (less than �100 fitted from memory, but don’t quote me!).

Tony…Thanks…I guess I will wait to see if Lotus releases some power upgrade kit first in the near future. I understand the include a filter upgrade in that as well.CheersTEE

As standard, the Elise comes with cold air induction. Lotus have already got a new, upgraded induction kit available. Your dealer should be able to help you.

PTP offer the ITG air box induction kit for the Mk1 and 2 Elise, have got one myself and am very impressed with it. 8.2bhp claimed but the torque is a big improvement over the standard induction I had.cheersTomo

I can back up the above i have used the ITG induction kit on several cars now, PLEASE don’t waste your money on buying anything else you will only end up changing it, it fits very well the only arsey bit is fitting the 100mm air hose onto the body side vent, if you come up with a good solution let me know.D.