Coil Pack???

I went to take out my car yesterday to find that it would not start.

The car turned over, you could hear the petrol pump working, put 10 litres of fuel in (as it was on refill) and now the gauge reads 20 litres.

I have replaced the plugs although the old ones looked ok but it still did not start

I then tested to see if there was any sparks, no spark so I assuming the coil pack is to blame but was wondering if anyone has any other ideas before ordering a new one.

Many thanks



Check some threads about IDG’s “will not start” problem.

Could be a few things - ECU voltage, crank position sensor /connector or there is a fuse 7.5 amp nos B4 in the compartment behind the seats that is for the immoboliser - it cuts the sparks

I have checked the crank case senor and put some WD40 on it and chacked the fuses and changed the 7.5 amp behind the seats and still no joy any other ideas???

Battery fully charged ? -

Think Ians problem was really turned out to be the Throttle Position Sensor

Equally some people have have had coil pack failures - is the voltage getting to the coil pack ?

TPS or temperature senders ? or fuel relay sticky?

Had a start problem recently with mine (3 times), turned out to be petrol flooding engine (god bless the RAC ) - don’t know what he did but its fine now

I had a spark but no fuel, as the TPS was reading 100% and the ECU goes into spark plug cleaning mode and doesn’t fire the injectors.

Good luck!


If you want to try a different coil pack to isolate that you can borrow my spare one.

Randy would be good to borrow your spare coil pack. I have u2u’d on Seloc with my tel no.

Well still none the wiser but got home this evening and the car started so watch this space as I am not convinced that the problem has gone.