Coil Help

Want to replace my coil pack as #3 seems to be problematic, which is the non lotus equivalent, Vauxhall part number according to my google search on the bosch part number has the wrong plug, just discovered when i went to collect it.

Many thanks

I replaced mine once with a non-Lotus part. Can’t remember what it was off now, I think it was a 16V Calibra. When I next go home (thursday night) I will check the receipt for you and let you know.

JAson, Randy

I’ve searched a wee bit but can you confirm the alternative supply of coil-packs ?

or anybody else ? I remember someone posted detail a while back but can’t find the answer…

I ended up having to order it from our Bosch agents as the Vauxhall part that we have locally had the wrong plug as well .

The Bosch part number is 0221503001 and it is a direct replacement, same plug and everything. Sure a spares shop would be able to get it for you.

Off to the track now to do some setup for this weekends racing, will try to remember that it’s the black stuff between the green stuff i want to keep it on and not the other way around

thanks Jason…

i might have more to post over the next few days but anyone got any other clues for us Blighty folks ?

Guys, any idea what calibra this is off?

I’ve been phoneing around to see if I can get one (I think mines died… Maybe) but it’s not the ECO-TEC one… So it’s off an older model… Any ideas? What year or engine number or something???

Calibra coil-pack is more expensive than the lotus one.

Motaquip VCL625 does the job but you need to switch plug leads 2 with 1 and 3 with 4 to make it work - because the LT plug is connected the wrong way round for us… cost me �41 for one in April… but the really good thing is you will get one from ANY motorfactor. Comes from a Punto or Alfa 1.8 i think.