Cobalt S1 Exige Y104 JTM

Hey guys, not posted or been on the forum in an age, being honest kept myself away from visiting as I have in combination been sulking/licking my wounds having sold my S1 Exige just before Christmas. It was one of those circumstances where a building project had to take priority and I had to remember it is only a car…

I’ve spent the time since trying to remind myself it’s “only” a car… But Y104 JTM meant a great deal more to me than that, and been gutted since, hence not being able to face coming back to Exiges :frowning: The chap I sold to, resold it within months of buying it, and I don’t have sight of where it is now.

Could I ask a favour, can you keep an ear out, whether in the near future or the more distant I would like to require my car. First step would be to just make contact with the current owner so he has my details and I hope thinks of me first if he comes to sell on.

I’ve been fortunate to pick up an Aston recently which is a TOTALLY different animal but a really great thing. But it doesn’t quite ping my car-heart strings like the Exige did… I’ve thought on a S2 or S3 but really I need to get back to a S1 in particular my old car…

Hope the regulars are continuing to enjoy their cars :sunglasses:

Cheers James

Cant help with you r old car whereabouts but for what its worth after owning 2 beautiful S1,s I bought a 260 S2 Sprint ,
Loved the supercharger whine and performance BUT it was not an S1 …So the Sprint went and I now have a Supercharged Honda S1. Exige …Utopia!!!
Exigeness is in the blood.
Hope you find one .

Will keep an eye out James. Was a lovely looking S1 too.

If you look on the government checks its MOT has expired and it’s on SORN. That means it is most likely in the uk and in storage. I believe, as I did it years ago, the Dvla can put you in contact with the current owner if you have a special reason to request contact, an acceptable special reason is being a previous owner.

Worth a try.

I tried a v12 Aston last week, monster car.

Look forward to hearing about that next time I see you Keith. I like road cars that are engine-dominated :sunglasses:

I can solve the mystery, it’s in a private collection ooop north, deep in gravy drinking country :smiley:

I had an idea it might be there :clap:

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

Well pleased its in the UK, and thanks for the reply. Any chance I could be “remembered” should that position change. As my own message open to when, just like to be first in the queue. Can IM my direct details.

Thanks James

Any pics of a Cobalt blue Exige ?

I’m thinking of a colour change and Cobalt is top of the list.


Best color for sure! :mrgreen: isn’t it?

Looks fab.

Might keep the std wheels and paint them silver and do all the mesh in silver also.

Thanks for posting