�5 to Russ and no free butties from Andy.

Cracked pipe so NW bodged fix with tape until I can get back to have it fixed properly. Not all bad news as it seemed to give me a few more bhp than Andy

Clutch pipe now wrapped in tape in vain effort to get 4 bhp

…think i need some tape!

Thanks Les.

The Edwards were there and did inspect it, but didn’t mention that.


Ian do you get any bearing noise? Usually release bearing noise is a rattle that goes away when you put your foot on the clutch.

No rattle I recall. It literally just went, only that slight hiccup earlier in the day.

It’s with Lakeside now (I have no time and two weeks to get it MOTed) and your thoughts have been passed on.


That is exactly what happened to mine in France.

One minute car driving okay, 2nd engine bay full of smoke and can’t get it out of gear. Clutch Fubared!

Oh it would come out, just wouldn’t go back in to any gear (interesting entering Paddock Hill in neutral! )!


�5 says split pipe into slave cylinder.

I thought this at first, but as Ian said there wasn’t any noticable fluid loss from anywhere, I thought that would rule a split pipe out. When mine split at Castle Combe there was fluid everywhere, it emptied the reservoiur in no time.


Only a very tiny fluid loss on mine, hardly noticeable on the garage floor.
Reservoire stayed full.

Is there a strengthening bracket for the slave cylindar that will prvent this happening again?

Apparently yes, from Eliseparts - click

I hope the clutch hose doesn’t need replacing. Lotus have managed to bond it into the chassis (clearly on a Friday afternoon)!


you want one of these from Eliseparts


Priced at �19.95

You’ve already got that bracket. Obviously works a treat It’s the second time that pipe has split.

I heard some people have gone with a non-OE replacement pipe that does away with the crappy rigid pipe to prevent future fractures. May be worth considering?

Ooo another mod I didn’t know about Brendan. NW say it’ll take 4 hours to replace the pipe and hose, so sounds like they will do the whole lot. Maybe get the brake fluid replaced for free

I’ll ask Ian why it’s gone again. Is there an engine steady bar fitted that would reduce the movement and therefore reduce the stress?

I’m sure I’d already told you about the slave cylinder support bracket. BTW, I was never exactly thrilled with the design of that bracket because it interferes slightly with one of the ali coolant pipes. I ground part of the bracket away to give a bit of extra clearance, and there should be a rubber trim along the edge to protect the pipe. It might be a good idea to check that trim piece is still in place after NWs have been working in that area.

You’ve got one of THESE which should reduce the movement of the engine a bit.

And while you haven’t got one of THESE, your standard bracket has been welded up for added strength. This was done because the original failed, and caused the exhaust flexi pipe to break.

And while you haven’t got one of > THESE> , your standard bracket has been welded up for added strength. This was done because the original failed, and caused the exhaust flexi pipe to break.

That part is the same as was fitted to my Exige as std, not a superior item. I have a welded one now, and the adjustable engine mount.


Ian dont understand what you are saying - “fitted as standard” - not by Lotus? Are you saying it didnt do the job it was supposed to and split like the standard ones?

On my car, that was the std one. When I had my toelinks, bushes and Nitrons done I choose to improve the engine mount too (as mentioned, they’re known to break), so I ordered it from Geary. When it arrived it was identical to the one already on my late 2001 S1. The Edwards kindly provided me with their welded one instead (having just fitted a Honda) so I return the part to Eliseparts.

The point being, before purchasing this remove your under tray and have a look, you may already have it. Or Geary is selling the part inaccurately.


On my car, that > was > the std one.

Ian, I can’t remember but I’m guessing that you aren’t the 1st owner so you mean it was already fitted?

Standard to me means as fitted on the production line

…but now I am confused

I am the first (and very proud) owner!

The official Lotus item, as available from Geary (as per the above), was fitted to my car on the production line. That is unless some very strange antics have been going on, unbeknown to me, under cover of darkness in my garden!


Clutch knacknered, plates fused together. Being replaced with upgraded AP item, along with release bearing (because it makes sense).

That means the Edwards were right at their first guess.

I do feel like it is quite a manly way to kill a clutch though!


Fair play. I agree if your gonna break something, its always best to totally smash the sh** out of it!!! Much more satisfying!!!

My car also had that bottom engine mount fitted as standard. Mine is a late 2001 car as well.



please accept my humble apologies - us original owners must stick together

I had read into the description of Geary’s item that it was not just a superior part for all S1’s but that it was not OEM.