Clutch slip - after 5000miles ?

Has anyone had any problems with this sort of thing on there cars?.. being its only done 5000miles im shocked that the clutch has started to slip on take offs.

It’s a common feature of a lot of performance cars, not something i’m aware of particularly with Lotus though.

Do you often do hard take-offs? No clutch will last for many racing starts…

no i dont usually do launchs…
but if i need a new one i need a new one… would you recommend any? iv seen the trd uprated ones are they any good?

By all accounts you are far from the first yota engined lotus owner to have early clutch failure. There must be some issue, as a few people have gone through multiple clutches while others who are far from gentle on their cars have had no issues after more than 30000 miles.

I have 15,000 kms on my S and the clutch is starting to make a funny groaing/squeeking sound as i pull away, particularly on hill starts after hard driving.

I have never done a standing start although i have done a bit of track work. I consider myself easy on clutches, my last car had 160,000 kms on when i sold it with the original clutch.

Mine went at 12000 miles, cost �1200 to replace because the other bit it bites to was screwed too…

Some abuse at North Weald but otherwise I was reasonably gentle with it.

gulp !!!

no more f1 starts for me .

My 2005 N/A Exige (10K miles) gives a whiff of clutch smell if you pull away briskly! say couple of thousand revs and pull clutch up fast, but not aggresively. Would anyone suggest my clutch is on it’s way out?

�1200 ! Was that from a dealer ?!

Should find yourself a competent local mechanic, changing a clutch isn’t rocket science and the parts readily available. Had an S1 done for 550, including all clutch components.

Funny, just pulled the clutch from a friends S2 while in the middle of a Tri-piont supercharger install to ungrade to a stronger unit and we marveled at the fact that the clutch disk looked as new. The flywheel and the pressure plate still had the fine machining grooves in their surfaces. The car had done over 10k miles of mostly track duty. Almost seemed a shame to change it out.

[quote]�1200 ! Was that from a dealer ?!

Dealer? No a Stealer.

So whats the solution for this - rev matching and heel n toe or is it an actual clutch defect?