Clutch slave/Throttle bodies

Just for info, at 12,000 service, had the slave cylinder replaced under warranty. Also, my new 3000 rpm idle speed is down to the TB,s, which are on back order from Lotus. Temporary fix effected by cleaning/lubricating, as Tony said, but note that another Exige had its TBs in bits for the same job. Apparently, “they are crap”.

What was up with the slave cylinder Russ?

Mine was replaced at the first service - 1K miles… Don’t know was the problem with it was though.

Apparently, it was leaking.

Nice to see Lotus uses Quality components in its products then… [image][/image]

Hi,last saturday I encountered the first serious problem with our Exige: the throttle bodies jammed open after full acceleration when I stepped of the gas to break for a tight corner :open_mouth: I was really lucky that I was still warming up the tires and not yet really going for it, otherwise I could have had a serious problem there…! The nearest dealer (300km away!) at first claimed that the throttle body was the same as on a 111s and that this problem is well known…WHAT A BULL****! You see Lotus dealers in Germany are of no use either :frowning: Now we’re waiting for the trailer :frowning:((There seems to be another Exige with the same problem in Germany, so these throttle bodies really do seem to be absolute crap. So remember this when you go searching for the latest possible braking point next time…!Nikolaj

Nick, we had the some problem with an Exige at Hockenheim and with an Exige at Anneau du Rhin. Bei beiden war das Gaszugkabel in einem unm�glichen Winkel (Knick) verlegt. es war viel zu lange und darum der Knick.zum gl�ck ist dir nichts passiert. hast ja nicht so eine starke Ueberlebenszelle wie der Burti im Prost…geeelllll?Gruss,Bruno

I had the slave cylinder spring a big leak on me … lost all actuation in the middle of the track, so I had to ease back to the pits in 2nd and get the car towed home. Luckily the slave cylinders are pretty cheap, and easy to replace ~20 minute job. Bleeding the clutch is a whole different matter …Have they upgraded the part? or did I just fit another junk part? … It’s an AP Lockheed part … you’d think that they could figure it out by now[This message has been edited by Beldrueger (edited 03 September 2001).]

Hi Bruno,I’ve checked the throttle cable, of course, and there is absolutely no problem with it (that’s what he suggested, just in case you didn’t understand … :wink: )! No, in this case it’s a problem with the throttle butterflies themselves. Around full throttle position you can still move them a bit by hand but when you want to push them shut you nearly break your thumb doing it. Maybe one of the bearings is broken, we’ll see…!Nikolaj