clutch or gearbox?

Yesterday night, after a full track day at Le Mas du Clos, i was driving the exige back to Paris. On the highway, cruising at 110 mph in 5th, something happened, like if no gear was engaged. I tried the 4th, 3rd, etc… free wheeling till i stopped.The gearbox seems to work, because you feel all the gears can be engaged, and after looking at the engine compartment, you can see that the clutch is working too.So the problem seems to be that the clutch doesn’t engage the gearbox anymore.What can it be? It happened suddenly, without any warning (no malfunction, no noise).thank you for your help.

RaleyThat’s a new one! [image][/image]Could be a broken engine mount, allowing the engine to rock so much that the gearbox disengages. If it is this, it won’t be very expensive to fix. I would also recommend fitting a Nylatron bush from Hope it get’s sorted soon - please let us know.[This message has been edited by Pesky (edited 03 June 2002).]

The end of the story ! There was a oil leak coming from the gearbox oil seal on the right hand side . The Gearbox lost nearly all it’s oil ! There was only 0.8 l left in it !!! Instead of the 2.4l. The gearbox must have heated and the inboard part of the right transmission came out of the diff ! (Not in total)! That’ why we couldn’t move altought we were engaging the gears !I had the two Oil seals replaced, with the circlips on each end of driveshafts coming in the gearbox, and the gearbox checked ! It’s in good condition ! I think we were lucky on that one !Have any of you had pbls with the oil seals on the gearbox ??Cheers