Clutch Master Cylinder

Go on shoot me down in flames…
My service invoice last week said I had a slight weep on the clutch master cylinder…I can find the brake master cylinder, but can’t find the clutch one. Where is it hidden?
I’ve only had the car 2 1/2 years so be gentle to me!
(I’m not going to say I thought the clutch was cable operated, cos that would be very silly!)

I’ve just had another look - It shares the same reservoir (?) as the brake master cylinder… Oh Lotus you have to be different!

as you’ve spotted Tone, the fluid reservoir has a partition and the clutch and brakes share the same master cylinder in front of the driver position within the front compartment.

Where is it leaking?

The service invoice said it is leaking where the plastic reservoir joins the metal body I wiped a tissue around it and found nothing…?
and there was no leaks elsewhere so will just have to keep an eye onit.

Tone, I don’t know if it is standard but my Exige has a big black cable tie that holds the reservoir tight onto the master cylinder thus helping to keep some pressure on the “O” rings, may be worth adding one to yours if you don’t have one on there. You can’t be far away from me I live in Ringwood … SIMON.

Worth a try, thanks.
I’m Hedge End.
Do you own B R Green Exige with Lotus Sport stickers?

No, his is a laser blue (bargain!) with (currently a) pebble dashed front end.