Clicking ?

On my last run, I noticed that there’s a clicking sound coming from under the dash when the brake pedal is first pressed.Seems like it’s just a microswitch or something to put the brake lights on, but it’s quite noisy in fact !Anyone else ?

I’ve yet to notice that one on mine. I think my car posses the most annoying noise ever, it’s a kind of “crack” sound over every bump right behind my head, I suspect it’s the glass panel not sitting correctly. Does anyone know if this can be popped out and re-seated? It’s loud enough to be heard over the supersports exhaust @ 7000rpm!(sorry Admin5, I now realise this is very much off topic)

The microswitch is quite noisy… It is located on the brake cylinder just under the front bonnet (mine popped out once causing the b/lights to fail.Remedy = Turn the music up or go faster!

quote:Originally posted by X1GGE:I’ve yet to notice that one on mine. I think my car posses the most annoying noise ever, it’s a kind of “crack” sound over every bump right behind my headDoes this happen more from cold ?I think it’s the rear screen moving in it’s mount.

…not really, it’s all the time. I suspect it serves me right for fiddling with the latch on the rear screen, as I don’t think it was like it when I took delivery… Let that be a lesson to everyone else!

Mine makes the same ‘cracking’ noise. I thought it was the roof, but I’ll have a look at the window now you mention it.

Same here-my Elise used to do it, but only in a particular configuration; I always thought it was the speaker mounting pod, but in the Exige it seems to have moved further up, towards the window. But it is bloody annoying.

I remember having my fuel tank taken out to kill one absolutely annoying noise in my Elise. The tank was NOT fastened correctly so it hummed and shook and cracked all the time beginning from 3000 rpm. The noise came from behind the drivers seat… It took the mechanics about half a day to find and repair it. On warranty.

I also have the cracking noise-seems worse from cold-I thought it was the mock carbon trim rubbing on the harness bar.I also have the yip on bad potholes-accounts for most of the roads in the Bedford area at the moment.I will speak to the dealer when we go in for the recall.

Mine makes the cracking noise, but only when I go over a substantial bump. Haven’t been bothered till now as I try to avoid them when possible, to save the suspension and wheels.If it was more frequent it would be annoying though. Previously put it down to the way it’s put together with the roof (never had a hardtop on my old Elise and never had the noise).

Have any Exiges with the two bolts on the roof got the cracking noise?

yup, I am a two-bolt man, and I have a lovely “crack”.:wink:

me: 2 bolts and it cracks

Problem solved!! If the “crack” really annoys you then push the roof up from the inside, just enough to slot something like a bit of card inbetween the rollover bar and the roof lining. Works on mine. No more “crack” [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

Did we ever get a satisfactory answer as why some cars have the two bolts and others don’t??

No official answer, no.But it seems like it was a “belts and braces” move on Lotus’s part to stop the rear lid lifting at speed.