Clear Indicator Questions

Hi all, two queries re clear/smoked indicators. I wanted for no particular reason to change the OEM Orange rear indicators for the OEM smoked/clear ones.

I’ve had a pair for a while but noticed now I’ve come to thinking about fitting they are slightly different.
One is clear one is slightly smoked. I can see the difference so can’t fit odd lights.

So by any chance does anyone have just one they want to sell or have the same issue and fancy doing a swap so we end up with two correct pairs?

Second question I’ve noticed the orientation of the black plastic “holder” the clear bit of the lense mounts to is the opposite way around to the Orange lense. Just interested if there is a method to separate these without damaging both? Or Is it a matter of leaving well alone!

Cheers James

I can’t help with that particular issue.

I can offer a potential alternative to get rid of the orange rear lenses though; I swapped mine for 2 more red ones. The 4 red lenses on the rear looked smart without looking aftermarket. I fitted orange LEDs and a revised LED flasher relay to run them so that they still flashed bright orange to function correctly as indicators.

Looks much better than clear lenses on the rear IMO.

Shown on my Elise, but I’m sure you can imagine it on an Exige.

Thanks Ste for the reply, they look great nice work :+1: