Cleaning the Wheels

I am talking about the standard S1 black wheels.

Every time I wash and clean them they look like new for about 10 minutes and then look dirty again. I want to try and get that new wet look lustre back. What’s the best thing to use?

Steve, I polish them with bodywork stuff, that seems to give them a bit of a shine for a while but generally they are a pain to keep clean aren’t they


When I had my RS Focus, i used to buy stuff from this website, I bought this product and used it on my RS wheels and now use it on my Exige wheels. You need to apply iy every 4 weeks if you use your car every day and far less if you don’t! seems to make cleaning them much more easy and often a just hosing them down removed the dirt! might be worth a try if you are fed up.

What’s the best thing to use?

A bit of assertion, along the lines of: “Mrs Green, it’s your turn again to make the wheels look like new”. You’ll find that works a treat