Classic Le Mans

Come on ya old duffers… whats the craic then ??

Rox, being that old, they probably can’t read this anymore

Rox - being old, they are probably all in bed !!

yeh guess so…

come on put those pipes down, get them slippers and reading glasses on and give the boys a report will ya…

Okay, okay But due to work pressures, will have to be brief.

In a word - brilliant

A real contrast to the “normal” event, in that only about 50000 spectators (no problem getting a good view!), & little “official” presence on the roads. 300 competitors split into 6 groups - depending upon age of car, & each group were out on the full circuit 3 times during the 24 hour event.All groups were really “giving it some”, & it was fabulous to see �2m Alfas etc, in the oldest group. C, D & E types were racing against Astons, Ferraris, Porsches & ACs from the same era, but perhaps the most spectacular grouping was that including the GT40s, Chevrons & Lolas - absolutely stunning

The Paddocks were crammed full of Car Clubs, & Club Lotus France put up a good show (30 odd cars), supported by a few lads from NYLOC. I’ve never seen so many Ferraris, Porsches, Lambos, GT40s, Cobras, Porsches etc all together
before - petrolhead heaven

Of course, the social side of the trip was just as important Our party (Russ, Edwards Boyz, TonyS & Pesky Junior) were pleased to meet up with David Ward (with very, very nice TVR Tamora) & Simon & Elaine Turner

Can’t wait for 2006 & the next “Classic”.