Clam Shells

I’ve just been washing my car and noticed that there is a piece of fibre glass about the size of a penny missing from the wheel arch! It has split the panel on the rim where it folds under into the wheel arch area. not sure if i’m explaining myself very well!!

anyway I have put a blob of fibre glass paste in the area where it is chipped and also around the split as a temporary fix.

whats the score with the clam shells, i’ve heard that you can get them repaired but with time the cracks reappear? Has anybody had any repairs done to theirs or did they put the money towards a new clam shell?

A proper repair job will be 100%, they do it to boats all the time and they don’t sink

But also a quick and dirty repair job will hold everything together no worries.

Before I smashed my front clam shell beyond repair it was covered in cracks and splits (mostly from me! LOL!) and if it looks really bad just get a sticker on it! Otherwise it was fine

Thanks mate, you’ve put my mind at rest. I’ve heard horror stories about splits and cracks coming back after they’ve been repaired! as soon as I have some money, I will get it done properly, looks like a dogs dinner at the moment!!

Well it’s weird…

I’ve got a very nice new clam shell now, all covered with armourfend and it’s still looking v. good (the rear has a couple of cracks but we’ll ignore that LOL!)…

But when my front was a state, the splitter was scratched to buggery, the front number plate ended up falling off after the 'ring where it had ground out so much it wore the metal bracket away to nothing!

But it was cool for going for it! I really didn’t mind if a stone flicked up, or caught a branch at the side of the road and all the rest of it.

Now the front is mint (ummmm Mint! Is that Jenkins riding bareback on the word “mint”?) I’m a lot more concerned about getting anything damaged on it

that’s exactly how I used to feel when mine was new - now it has a bit of street damage I really dont want to repair it for purely cosmetic reasons - it makes driving it more of a pleasure being able to ignore all those little grounding noises

Have to admit that the crack above the lotus badge on mine really worried me until i got quotes on repair and respraying all the track rash, and was shocked.

So i thought wouldn’t a blue vinyl strip would look good there and hey presto i can’t see the crack anymore