Clam Issues

Howdy,I assume some of you have had an issue with your dark Plexiglass part separating from the frame on the rear clam??? What type of adhesive have you used to fix it. Mine is almost totally off and I have a track event this Sunday. I’m concerned that air will get under it and it’ll go airborne [image][/image]Thanks in advance…Roy

RoyDo you mean the rear hatch? I’m confused by your question - could you give more specifics?

The part that opens to see the engine. It consists of three parts, a dark pleiglass part, a painted part that attaches to the scoop over the roof, and the frame. In my case, the frame, and the painted part, are seperating from plexiglass…Pic: [image][/image] ThanksRoy

Do you have the parts manual then Roy ?Perhaps it needs a scan and PDF creation [image][/image]