Chrome Orange S2 Owner Intro

Hello all,

Thought I best do an intro on here before starting a build/owners car thread.

A few months back I purchased this 2008MY S2 with 24k from Jon Seal and couldn’t be happier with it. I have wanted one since I did a ring trip in a mates n/a Exige in 2008 but as usual, life etc… got in the way till recently.

As it would appear with all these cars, even with the low mileage, there is plenty tinkering to be done….save that for the build/upgrades thread though….

Photo below of delivery day a few months back…


Forgot to mention in the first post, I’m located in Aberdeenshire, just outside of Inverurie.

Another photo of delivery day, before car came off the trailer…


That looks great!

What is the spec of the car?

Stunning and Chrome orange is the best colour of any Lotus but im biased

The car started life as an S2 but was fitted with the 260 conversion, TRD airbox and 2ubular back box in 2010 by the first owner.

Other than that, car appears pretty much standard. Does have the Probax seats to take harnesses but that’s it.

Will provide an overview in the owners cars thread and the journey so far.

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very nice!

Another chrome orange! Looks great, I also bought from Jon. Welcome :grin:

Great looking car. Do like orange👍

Looks cracking that

Nice car mate.