Chrome Orange S1 spotted

This very morning at about 11.30ish.

Y reg, sparkling clean being driven down Magdelen Street towards the Hythe in Colchester (just after the Brook St traffic lights).

I was the miserable fecker with the streaming cold going the other way in a dirty pepper white Mini and pointing out the car to the war office, saying 'look, Chrome Orange really is a great colour for an Exige - she agrees.

Anyone from here

Wish you had caught up with them and asked if it was for sale!!!

How’s your hunt going?

How’s your hunt going?

I have more chance of seeing God… however just before Xmas Murrays up in Edinburgh had a ‘nice’ S2 with a Sports pack and they were throwing in all sorts of goodies just to flog it before the new year, but at �28k it was a ‘tad’ above my budget for a trackday car… and we could not just agree a deal

Still, the search goes on… and on,lets just hope a few more Performance Pack S2’s turn up - especially Krypton or Chrome Orange - otherwise i will turn up to a trackday with the wife’s Mini…