Choke not working

I am having problens with my car in the morning or when it is cold. To start it i have to give it some gas. I then have to hold the throttle at 2000 revs for 30 seconds or so before it will hold itself up at about 900 revs. Once warm she idles like a dream at 1300 revs. Has anyone encountered this and how do you get the choke to work? Is this a trait of having the breather system kit fitted?

I think you will have a job finding a choke on your Exige (I could sell you one !!). The fuel supplied to each cylinder is controlled by the computerised engine management unit. It determines the amout of fuel according to a range of parameters (the mapping). The parameters are things like throttle depression, engine revs, and engine TEMPERATURE. Sounds like you have a dodgy engine temperature sensor.


Get them to up your idle to 1500 or so too while you’re at it.

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:Get them to up your idle to 1500 or so too while you’re at it.Why is that then?

I’d be interested in that too. Mine idles like a bag of kn***ers at around 1100rpm.TT

The normal hot engine idle speed is 1250 rpm (my TR2 was 300 rpm!). When cold and properly set up the engine will idle at about 1400-1500 rpm. Once you have cured your cold running problem everything else re idle speed should be okay.