(It’s just as well I’m the admin in this forum eh ?)Someone sent me a URL for SuperCarCentral ( - oddly)Only to find that the images on the site under the Lotus Exige category have been taken from this site without permission.We’re taking this matter further…

to bloody right. I have sent them an email on the subject. do you know there postal address so I can send a legal shot across their bow.

No, can’t track it down. [image][/image]

the owner and Webmaster is a Christian CoomerAddress 2511 Carlson RoadYakima, Washington 98903USAemail [email protected]

You blood hound [image][/image]

Isn’t the image one of the original press pics, or do all silver Exiges look the same.

Some of the New Aluminium pictures are original press pictures, but if you look at the gallery, there are pictures of the Exige BBS member’s cars.

looks like my email to the owner did the trick.(Dam i had friend living in washington state ready to knock on his house with a letter) go to the site now. you owe me a drink

Well… they still have one image pulled from our site (the Blue Exige) but life’s too short to worry about that.Thanks to those who E-mailed the swine.

were any of my pics used…where do I apply for my royalty fees

Yes, I believe one of the images was of your car !