Check your engine cover latches!

When spinning at Donington on Saturday the engine cover popped up, the air got under it and it slammed back onto the roof damaging the fibreglass around the hinge.Whether it coming loose and being sucked up into the airflow infront of the rear wing actually caused the spin or not I don’t know.Maybe it was having the carrot of David’s car (even if it isn’t orange) dangling in front of me made me push too hard, I don’t know, but it lost grip at a very strange place.Mike, next time let’s not go for pit 19…Weird, our two cars started the day next to each other, and ended the day next to each other. Yours should be fixed before mine though. It seems that it’s not a big deal to repair my roof and fix the scratches after all. Was going to take it there anyway for the braided hoses and quickshift (it had already arrived David, I’ll try it and see what I think).Apologies to all for getting the session stopped while they dragged me out of the gravel.Mark

The main thing is that you’re safe + sound. My guess is you’re looking at a sub �300 fibre glass repair.Most of the Exiges weren’t having much luck, my day blighted by that annoying clattering sound from the near-side front, and the other guys (Chris Brown ?) losing their alternator belt.Many thanks go to the guys in Pit 12 (Chris + family) , who spent hours and hours trying to fix the problem with my car. True gentlemen.Thanks too go to the Lotus bods who also tried in vain to identify the problem with my car [image][/image][This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 01 July 2002).]

What a day!My mates gearlinkage broke, but Martin & son kindly fixed it(Thanks), my slave cylinder hose sheared off so car was undriveable after visiting the kitty litter, Admin 5 had wheel bearing probs, Martin had a broken alternator that left a sheared off bolt in his engine block, and poor Mark & Christine had the engine cover come open and try and tear the roof off!Loads of other incidents, but still a brilliant day!Mark - we should choose garage 12a next time!! Can’t be any unluckier - let me know how the work on yours progresses.Who was driving that poxy Ford Focus??

The Ford Focus was slightly outclassed, but at least he moved out of the way.The flippin’ black (or dark blue) Tuscan would just NOT move out of the way… Once I’d passed him, he was a dot on the horizon behind me.

The TVR wasn’t as bad as that red thing (Sylva?). David - So you still haven’t worked out what was wrong with your car?Christine

Nah… opinions are divided… some say bearings, others say it’s the caliper… Hmm…I’ll replace the bearing first, which is a relatively cheap job, and see what happens.But I think my discs are buggered again… Probably find it’s many things all having a knock-on effect.

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:Probably find it’s many things all having a knock-on effect.Starting with the driver [image][/image]

David,I don’t think that we have ever been called “True Gentlemen” Before but anyway only to glad to have been of service, Its just a pity that we couldn’t sort out your ticking problem as easily as we sorted out Mike’s mates gear linkage. Our broken alternater bracket could be a bit of a problem though as the bolt is snapped of inside the hole and may need the engine removing to properly fix it! So an alternative method may have to be used for now. but at least the problems we had were not as bad as the driver of the re-shaped S2000! We will have to bring even more tools to the next track day if the breakdowns are to become more of a common thing!! Oh an by the way we are Martin & Steve Edwards. (pit 12) we brought your slicks from you,I’m not sure who Chris Brown Is!! You will have to post on the board weather your problem was the bearing or the breaks (only curious to know if I was right or not)Hopefully the next track day will involve a little less spannering and a lot more driving but it was still an enjoyable day.Martin & Steve.

Chris Brown, Steve Edwards… you can see how I’d get the two names confused can’t you ? Given how similar sounding they are.I did tell you when I asked your name for the 3rd time that I had a diabolical memory for names…Nomenclature aside, many thanks to you and friends/family for their support.

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:But I think my discs are buggered again…Are you using the Lotus items?I’m tempted by Geary’s Alu ones. Anybody tried’em? Comments?Ian [image][/image]

I’m using discs at the moment.They look nice.Too early to talk about their longevity.

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:I’m using discs at the moment.They look nice.Too early to talk about their longevity.Have you noticed a difference in performance?When you say buggered again, is that the Alu ones that are buggered again, or is it similar buggering as received from the Lotus item?(!)Ian [image][/image][This message has been edited by IDG (edited 05 July 2002).]