Cheap Trackdays

One of my directors is again negotiating with On Track (Octagon) for a bulk number of track days for a group of mainly Caterham drivers.The deal is likely to be the same again, meaning double sessions (2x20min, when it’s not Open Pitlane) at all circuits, other than Brands (one session only as it’s popular, still much cheaper though), at a day rate of �170 (in theory + VAT but this didn’t turnout to be the case last year). The days can just be called-off for any of the On Track events.The list of 2003 dates should be here, but it’s not there yet - 日韩精品区一区二区三vr,性亚洲,亚洲v欧美v另类v综合v日韩v,欧美色精品视频在线观看9 . Although the EVOactive days for Mar to Sept have been published (see mag) and are just some of the On Track days at Snetterton, Brands (Indy & GP), Donington, Silverstone GP, Cadwell Park and Oulton. The EVO days go for about �200-�300 for a single session.It makes it easier for him if he gets blocks of 10 days but that is just so he’s dealing with less people, so feel free to share them with friends (that said, I’m sharing a block of 5 with somebody so I can still join you lot on BookaTrack events).Let me know.Ian [image][/image]