Cheap Oil?

I know that I am probably preaching to shareholders of Mobil 1 Motorsport oil, but, if like me your fed up of re-mortgaging the house after every 2,000 miles - I have a cheper alternative.Due to a business relationship with Shell Oils, I am able to obtain 4 litre cans of Shell Helix Ultra at very reasonable prices.Exact prices to be confirmed (am waiting for the rep from Shell to come back to me), but is anyone interested??GilesP.S - I can’t say I endorse the use of it in the Exige, but the choice is yours. I know which oil I’ll be using!

Hi GilesWould be v interested, I understand Turbo Techniques recommend Helix Ultra - please keep me posted on progress.Cheers Simon

Helix Ultra is the std oil used by Bell & Colvill, one of the largest Lotus dealers in the WORLD! [sorry, New Year excitement there]I’m interested, let me know the price.Cheers, Ian [image][/image]ps. I wonder if Ferrari use in their motors?

I’d be interested aswell!