Cheap OBDII Reader

I am after a cheap OBDII reader that will work on my S I want to be able to read and delete codes if I get any issues. The one I have at present won’t work as the ECU is too slow to react

I use one of these

No idea is its the cheapest, or if there are better available, but it does the job for me. Reads and resets codes on the Lotus (2005 NA), Mondeo, and Seat.

Note that the ODB on the Lotus does not refresh fast enough to provide useful info for data logging. I was only seeing refreshes every 3 seconds or so.

What does one of these do ?



What does one of these do ?



You can plug it in to the Diagnostic port under the dash and read and clear engine check light codes and read of information like inlet charge temp.

Try Ebay Item number: 120209333136 .

Sale price: �27.99

Mine came in 3 days.


Does this work with the Exige? I bought a scan gauge sadly it doesn’t work with the exige but great on my fiesta

It worked on S2 elise today with the rover ECU talking to Martin Edwards at the weekend and the Exiges ECU was lotus but they went back to using the rover ECU as it was a better system.

I need to make sure what I buy will work on a 06 DBW ECU for an S. The later ECU’s are a bit slow to react so some readers don’t work.

I think we just anted to know if it works on the Toyota engine ECU ?




Are you going to the show next weekend are bring it along with me so you can give it a go.
Just ask for Eddie on the LDC stand if that helps.

This is the info from the web site where i got it .

This is the very latest OBD2 Fault Code Reader covering ALL the current protocols required to read from vehicle ECUs including the new CAN standard which is the future. Using the very latest processor you no longer need to buy several pieces of hardware to cover each protocol as this equipment covers them all in one.

My car will be on the Sinclaire stand to show off the gotham tune and the Proalloy charge cooler but sadly I won’t be with it, I can let Wayne know you will be coming over to try it as it would be good to know it works because it is dirt cheap

Hi Ade
Yep sounds good to me .

Why do you need it Ade? Are you getting EML’s?

No, I just want the option to read codes, i might look at something more comprehensive after playing with my friends Snap-On all singing all dancing one today. Still worth seeing if this one does work as it is so cheap.

I’ve got that one (well USB) now Will…should get the Reg Key tomorrow! Tar mate


Hi Ade .

Tried the OBD11 on your car all ok.

Sinclaires very helpful Nice car.


That’s cool, thanks for testing it, might have to get one now.

Nice car Ade

Nice car Ade