changing springs on std shocks

Is there any special trick to getting the springs off the koni shocks. nitrons are easy but i wanted to put my old nitron spring on the orange exige today and could not get figure out how to get them off, anyone know the trick.

Let me just say that

Exige + 400hp 2L turbocharged mazda race motor (on low boost setting - 600+ on special fuel and 1.8bar for racing) = quite the kick in the kidneys, man it’s unbeleivable, even better after we sorted the geo and you could change gears without changing lanes, it was shall we say - alittle crabby

He forgot to bring the vid’s for me today, but when i get them from him i will find somwhere to put them up for you guy’s.

Thanks in advance.

Bloomin eck

Can’t wait to see that vid

I second that!

I hope the brakes were upgraded too! And a parachute added!


WOah!!! That does sound a bit special! So what Mazda lump is it? Does it add a lot of weight or not too much?

Some of the Jap stuff is just awesome

Anyway, have you got a pair of spring compressors? That’s probably what you’d need (not done it on Elise / Exige suspension), then you could undo the collet and pull it apart.

I’d imagine the pre-load is too high to undo the collet right?

Does this mean the Mike now only has the most powerful Exige in the UK and Jason takes over the world title

We need to see that vid

How do you undo the collet, on the nitrons you have a nut which you can grab hold with a spanner, but on these it’s seems only the shaft, do the springs come off the bottem, being the shaft end or off the to in which case there is a grub screw which i think keeps the gas in so i don’t want to undo that now.

The brakes are standard on Brembo pads and shagged discs , he thought the brakes were amazing so i told him to take mine around the block and stand on the brakes as hard as he could from 100mph. He came back and asked if he could get my almost new standard discs and the new ferodo ds2500 pads i have available after the upgrade, i suppose it’s a case of ignorance is bliss. Me personally i would go the other way around.

The engine is alot heavier the car is up to 950kg with driver and yes it does reflect, especially when the ride heights were wrong. Felt like some fat bloke was sitting on the wing, it’s better now but needs some stiffer springs hence my predicament. He uses it for drag racing so i set it up for him accordingly,little camber and stuff and he says it is much improved that it now bogs down with the origonal launch control setting so at least its putting a bit more rubber on the road. It’s a different setup that i am used to doing and unfortunatley i have to ask him before he comes around to look out for a few things that the car is doing,so it’s not like he tells me it’s understeering or oversteering or a little loose, so t’s an incremental process, have gone back to a very forgiving setting and we will improve it from there as he gets used to the car.

Does this mean the Mike now only has the most powerful Exige in the UK and Jason takes over the world title

We need to see that vid


Not too sure… I Looking at the standard shocks they’re still height (well, spring preload but ) adjustable… And IIRC there’s 6 holes or something in them, so you can grip it by the holes with a funky tool I assumed… Then can you not screw the whole collett off?

By collet I’m referring to more the spring platform I think… The one on the main shock body.


lets see the vids then… that sounds

on the suspension thing, i guess its not as simple as RL says but i’d be giving the same advice… are you sure the collet doesn’t simply screw off the damper after removing the grub-screw??