Changing cat

What’s the procedure to change the CAT on a S1 Exige ? (I want to change from a de-cat to the original cat)

take the rear diffucer off and you will see the de cat pipe
if you look at cat you will see i have written on it top
it really does kill the performance toby

it really does kill the performance toby

Toby - why are you going to change back?

I was thinking along the lines of a) making it a tiny bit quieter for my daily commute b) getting through forthcoming MOT.

Having looked at the CAT its similar to what I have on the sprint car and been proven on a rolling road to make very little difference in power output.

I’ll probably change it and see what’s its like - if it kills the performance I’ll probably change it back again prior to a track day or in the spring when the road conditions get better.

Does anyone have power graphs of a S1 Exige showing before and after fitting of decat pipe ?

The problem with putting the cat back is that the VHPD will probably damage it (e.g. they hate excess fuel) and it still not pass a MOT.

Considered a SCRP?


umm what’s SCRP ?


Silenced Cat Replacement Pipe

Sold by , & well worth buying

was in process of making a decat silencer
we spoke about it

Sorry Mike, totally forgot we had that conversation