Changing battery on an elise

Is it easy to change battery? Gonna do it tommorrow as Im pretty sure mine is dead.
I went to start the car this morning - all I got was the noise of a relay constantly clicking. Measured the battery voltage - approx 10.5V
Either alternator or battery I guess - the battery is 4.5 years old and the weather has just gone really cold so im pretty sure it would be the battery.
I had quick look under bonnet - looks a bit complicated to change - is it?
Thanks in advance

I had the same with my Elise after it was about 4years old.

The battery is a bit of a pig to change though but only because of its location and getting it in and out!
Youll be better buying one with a handle.
I got mine from Halfords in the end and wasnt too bad to fit.
Just had to take off the washer bottle + bracket, wiper motor cover, un clip most of the wiring loom from around the gap and lift it out. Sounds simple but bit of a pain.

The shape of the top of the new battery also makes a difference because of the bracket that holds it down needs a flat surface. I had to take the handle of the original battery and glue it in place on top of the new one. Hi-Tech or what

Also mine was fitted with the Cat1 alarm which when you disconnect the battery sounds for 20mins or something
I was also told not to mess with the alarm too much when disconnecting the battery because it can cause problems.

Bet your back aches at the end of it all.

Hope Ive been a bit of help