Centre console buttons

I have purchased a second hand centre console (leather & suede to match seats).
It has a hole directly in front of the gearstick yet my existing console has a plastic blanking bung. What should be in this hole?

Central locking switch?

Central locking rocker switch

I have a central locking switch already, it’s further forward from this blanking bung.:thinking:

some cars had a traction control on/off but there

This is the bung I have …

So now I need to find something to put in the hole. Might buy and wire in a USB point👍

I yave a blanking plug spare if thats what you need :+1:

Hmmm I have that same plug, my TC button is off to one side. Cup holder maybe for really small cups?!

Hazard Warning Switch?

I used that space for the extinguisher and battery cut switches.

I have that - it now has a USB charger in it… mine is 2004, so hazard switch is up between the air vents

Think I’ll do that, running cables from the 12v plug between the seats.

The hole is for the hazard switch on airbag/airbag dash cars, TC off to the side, Central Locking on the front (bunged on mine as I don’t have CL)