Central locking trouble,anyone help?

I recently had to break into my car to get into it. It is a 54 plate NA exige, With a factory cobra alarm fitted.
The problem.
When i press the key fob, the car locks fine, and the alarm is activated, no probs there.
when i press it to open, the alarm disables(lights flash) but the door locks do not come up, it makes a noise as if they are trying to pop up,and they go up a about 1mm, but the doors do not unlock, which locks me out of the car. My manual key locks have been disabled (by previous owner) so there is no way of getting into the car(untill i broke into it)
I think that there is nothing wrong with the cobra alarm myself, but the problem is with the central locking.i very much doubt both solenoids on the doors would have seized the same time,thats why i think its the central locking unit. Does anyone know where the central locking unit is on these? is it behind dash, passenger side?
Has anyone had this problem, and can anyone shed any light on this? any help much appreciated!

I had a similar problem, twice, but only one door at a time. It was triggered by somebody trying to open the door while the central locking operated. A temp fix was to sit in the car and when you unlock the car help (pull hard) on the door pin in an upwards direction. Normally it makes a noise as if clicking back into place then works fine. Ultimately I had the central locking part int he door replaced under warranty.

You may want to have a quick look on Seloc at the moment as a chap with a 111R is having the exact same problem and is getting advice as to where the unit is located.

Common problem by all accounts.

looks like you have done that already though.

cheers guys, just been on seloc,it is a very common problem, thnk its the central locking module,dash out jobby!!oh dear!

I don’t think the locks were disabled by the previous owner- the key isn’t supposed to pop the door lock buttons up/down. The key only turns the outer barrel, so effectively if you turn the key in the lock until the keyhole is horizontal (I think), and the door buttons are in the open (up) position, you still can’t easily open the door.

It was the central locking module!
Took it off already, not a hard job guys, a bit fiddly!

Just take the speaker panel off.
Disconnect the wires for your headlight/fog/sidelight.
I twisted the ducting so the lugs came out then pushed it back into the dash, out of the way.
The module is located on the right hand side,Black box.
It is held dwn with two phillips screws, this is the fiddly bit, i cut down one of my dumpy screwdrivers and manage to crack them and screw the rest out by hand.
Once the screws are out, pull the module out through the vent hole and disconnect it.
Job done!

Hope this helps some people out! iv orderd my module, it was �34+VAT from lotus.

This is the little bugger!

Thanks for this account Peter, I’m sure it will come in handy for when I eventually have this problem. same year/model.


Thanks for this account Peter, I’m sure it will come in handy for when I eventually have this problem. same year/model.


I will also bear this in mind…

iv looked on seloc and alot of the 111r’s exiges coming up to the 3 year mark have this module failing.

is it possible to stick the new module onto the old one without having to remove it? Just a thought and would save having to unscrew it.

is it possible to stick the new module onto the old one without having to remove it? Just a thought and would save having to unscrew it.

Yes it is, Junks on SELOC has said that is what he has done, and it becomes a job that take a couple of minutes.

Quite right, there is no harm in doing that! but if you were in a rush, you can just rip the CDL module out, the two plastic lugs would break where the screws hold it down!

I had this happen to me last year. In the end the RAC entered the car by opening up a gap with a small envelope pump between the top rear corner of the drivers door window and the door opening. He then used a special long wire with a noose type arrangement on the end to pull the door lock button up and unlock the car. The Central locking control module ( I think Lotus call it a door control unit) is mounted on the bulkhead behind the dash in the same area as the drivers side speaker cover (right hand drive cars).
You can can change the control unit, as I did, by removing the speaker cover and then removing the air vent. If you then push the flexable air vent ducting out of the way (Push it into the dash board void) you will see the control unit bolted to the top of the bulkhead.(a torch may be useful) having spoken to a few people that have done this job some remove the unit and replaced with the new one ( very difficult) and some have left the old unit bolted to the bulkhead and pluged the new unit in and left it lose behind the dash.There is a large multi pin plug you will need to unplug and plug back into the new unit. I hope this helps. I also bought a new unit from lotus (about �30-40) before I started the job so I knew what I was looking for under the dash.I have the part number somewhere if you need it.As a guide it was about a 30 min job with the right tools and some common sence!!
Lotus wanted about �300 to take the car apart and put it back together again!!

I hope this is some help.

Good Lock (Luck)


Just so you know guys, the module doesnt have to be programmed its just literally plug it in and it will work. I did mine on the weekend.
Here is a useful link off seloc, for those of you who it havent happened too yet (because it will)

Thanks for the instructions, will come in handy as mine went today, '05 S2 N/A Exige, luckily mine stuck in the open posistion so did not need to break in. Local Lotus franchise wanted 3 hours @ �80 per hour + parts, hmmmm ?


Mine went months ago, then found this thread, so fixed it today.
Only hard bit is pushing the vent out of the way.
I waw able to unscrew old unit as screws were easy to get at.
All works fine.