central locking problem

Activate alarm on S2exige and door locks make noise like they are going to lock (the little locks move a bit) but dont lock. IF I use the switch inside the car same thing happens no matter which way I flick the switch (ie locked or unlocked)If I manually push the locks down and then hit the alarm they open. Same thing for if I manually push them down and then hit the button inside the car they open regardless which way I flick the switch.
Any ideas where to start??

It sounds as though your central locking module has had it. Just had the same problem on my 05 Exige. Here in the UK Lotus will charge you �300 + for a full dash out job to replace the CDL module. However you can buy the part for about �40 and there is a ‘how to’ on SELOC on replacing the part. Apparently it’s a bit fiddly but not too technically difficult.

Part NO. A116M6048F CDL Module


Hope this helps

Mine’s had it too …
Discovered it today :frowning:

Will live without it I think…
Seems tooo much trouble to fix,only for the same thing to happen in future…

Then again , I’ll probably get it done… Just not today!!

I’ve got the same thing happening but only intermitantly and only on the passenger side. If its the CDL i would have presumed that it would stop working on both sides and permantly??

Any one had a problem with just one side not working.

I might buy the part and have a go and see if it fixes it.


Ok so i bought a new CDLM today and fitted it. It made no difference (i.e. drivers door works fine but passenger door doesn’t unlock)

So i have now had to break in to the passenger door to open it up.(not easy when the door is locked shut !!)

It appears that the mechanical door lock bits had all got jammed up. Once i’d taken most of the door to bits and wiggled all the bits inside it now works :confused:

Something still isn’t right though as the door lock sometimes bounces the door back when you shut it. I’ve checked the striker pin and it is correctly aligned.

At least I now have a spare CLDM in the garage for when that bit stops working !!

Mine did this and was fixed by using a cable tie fixed through a hole in the door skin near the pull handle that held the rod slightly tighter. I will take a pic when it’s not raining/i’m not knackered.

Thanks Neil that would be really helpful.


Sorry the delay/lack of high techness.

Just changed by CDL relay, really fiddly to do as there is no room, if you don’t have a stubby philips and small hands just double side tape the new relay on top of the old one :wink:

Mine has just gon on the passenger side, but this time i cannot unlock the door, It has done it before but only for a few secs, The driver side is fine, Can someone tell me how do I open the door or have I got to take the panel off from the inside to get the thing unlocked. please help.

Can you not pull up the knob?

its not letting me,will try and get a pair of grips to have another go, soon as i get home, while doing the swith to keep locking and and unlocking the car.

Once the button is up, you can then lock the door with the key still, it won’t move the mechanism but will make the car secure.

managed to open it, took the panel off to see what was going on but in the end think it was just the lock that goes onto the bolt to shut, that was jammed, so poked it with my little finger and it came lose,.