CCC Replacement Mag

I hear that IPC are to replace unused subscriptions in CCC with copies of Racecar Engineering

Can anyone confirm/comment?

Never seen the mag - is it any good ??

Anyone want to send me lots of back issues ?

Don’t know how good it is, but they owed me money from the subscripton
They called me to ask me if if wanted to teceive this one instead and I agreed.
Jan is the first issue I’ll receive.

Let’s see.

It’s a great magazine. I read it and Race Tech.
Just wish I was technical enough to understand it all

Where can I get it?? And race tech ??


Link in my original post has subscription details.

My WHSmiths stocks it…but only at the bigger of the two in Norwich.

Beware of Race Tech! It is packed with many wonderful, professional (read-unbelievably expensive) add-ons.

For example, Load Centralizing Hydraulic Spring Perches
<wish I could attach some pictures here, or even attach the race tech article?>

Hyperco, the world�s leading racing spring manufacturer, in partnership with Indianapolis Competition Products, the Indianapolis based manufacturer of Citation race cars and Variloc differentials, are pleased to announce the development of their unique (patent pending) Hydraulic Spring Perches.

Designed to almost completely eliminate the bending loads that coil springs exert on shock absorbers, each perch is comprised of an annular outer body cylinder, and an annular piston/perch sealed to the body with 2 O-rings. The resulting cavity between the two halves is filled with a hydraulic fluid, and sealed with a sealing screw.

The assembly allows the end coils of the spring to tilt (up to 4 degrees) as compressive loads are applied, and the hydraulic pressure centralizes the load around the centerline of the shock absorber. The result is that up to 96% of the bending load on the shock absorber is eliminated, with attendant increases in mechanical grip.

Testing of the units has been conducted on a wide range of vehicles, from stock cars and Formula Fords, to Formula Atlantics and CART Indy cars, with rave reviews.

Units are currently available in two basic types � add-on�s and full replacement. The add-on style can be used with any existing shock absorbers just by fitting between the existing spring perch and the spring, whereas the full-replacement style totally replaces the existing perch. Currently, full-replacement perches are available for Penske 8760 style , and Ohlins T44 style shock absorbers.

Design studies are underway for full replacement units for other shock manufacturers.

For further information, contact Kelly Falls at Hyperco. 1-260-482-4824 , or 1-574-753-6622, or e-mail at [email protected], or visit or

Whoah !! I like reading about that sort of stuff - gives you ideas above your station - but is there oK / useful tips as well??

They arn’t the same as CCC…if they were one of the two would already have been discontinued as Racecar Engineering and CCC are made by the same people. Its more professional racing orientated…but it deffo caters for the track day specialist, though possibly slightly indirectly at times.