CCC no more

Apparantly, IPC have pulled the plug on CCC mag (formerly Cars & Car Coversions)

A sad day indeed - CCC was my joint favourite mag, along with EVO.

Perhaps I should qualify that - I’m talking motor mags, not the sort of mag that RussT usually buys from the top shelf, (or under the counter), & then lets me have a look at a couple of months later on.


It’s the only magazine I subscribe to!
All the rest are just propaganda!

How did you know this?

What would happen to my subscription?



Sorry to be the bearer of bad news - picked up from posting by Steve Kirk - editor (former!)

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Thought that CCC was getting more and more difficult to buy recently by absence from any shelf at WHS - sad day, end of an era - given me lots of fun (and grief) over years

Well it was getting “thinner” every month … but like Uldis I thought it actually dealt with “proper” CCC issues not how to put a sticker on your windscreen.

I have loads of back issues, like the Senna rally drive and Dave Vizard and Metro tuuning - takes me back !!

… “proper” CCC issues not how to put a sticker on your windscreen.

Hope you’re not referring to sunstrips


I actually got around to putting it on !!!

Every one should have them for the 24th photocall at Donington

Sad day indeed.

CCC was the only magazine I had a subscription too …

Official announcement on website

CCC web page