cause for concern?

Would really appreciate the help of some more 'senior’members on this one!I’ve no idea when,or even if it was the main subject,but i’m sure that somewhere on this site a member made reference to a problem he encountered after having a 190 upgrade done.I believe a nut that held on a pulley wheel came loose causing it to fly off,resulting in extensive internal damage to his engine.It was felt that maybe since the nut had been disturbed/removed to swop over the pulleys (from standard to 190 upgrade spec.)the nut hadn’t re-seated properly.As the day nears when my 190 kit is to be installed,I really need to be confident in my mind that this won’t happen to me,as I wont be able to find the money for an engine rebuild!Can anyone point me in the direction of the topic or member that I’m refering to?Thanks in advance…

I wouldn’t be concerned about an engine rebuild cost, since I suppose you’re going to be doing the mod at a Lotus dealer.If the engine blows up because of their mistake, they should take care of it.Uldis

Si,That may have been my reference to the crankshaft bolt that came off, followed by the cambelt resulting in bent valves etc. There have been a few occurancies of this on K series engines, it’s just bad luck really, like HGF !I wouldn’t worry about it, during the 190 upgrade the crankshaft bolt is not undone.

Thanks for your thoughts Uldis and Phil. (Uldis,to be honest I had wanted to use 'Minister’as they seem to have a good reputation as an engine builder).

And I’m sure that Minister will hold the same kind or warranty for whatever work they do.It’s a matter of pride, reputation, standing by their quality.As well as legal (if you ever find yourself dealing with a bad service)Uldis