cat removal

my car is going in for a service shortly, and i’m thinking of getting the cat removed and either having a straight through or a sports cat put on instead.
anyone out there know the differences in power and noise this might create?

All should add a little noise, unless you’ve had your Cat on for lots of miles of hard driving, then you my fnd the Cat is already pretty dead. You can get silenced Cat replacements which will definately help on the noise front. I have a Moto-Build one but Eliseparts also do one.

You should definately notice a bit more mid range poke without the Cat.



I have a straight through CRP and a silenced CRP sitting in the garage both with low miles, want to make an offer?

don’t mind the extra noise levels in fact the more the better but i’m not sure of the pro’s and con’s of the sports crp that are offered for sale ? do they give slightly less power than a straight through/ less noise but more than a standard cat? and will they get through a mot unlike a straight through?

I’m interested in either but will they fit my present exhaust-i don’t know the manu but it had been upgraded when i bought the car as it has a single oval system on it.
as you have both i assume you have run the car with both set ups what where the differences?

I have been running my exige with straight thru crp and standard Janspeed exhaust for the last 6 months, couple of weeks ago I fitted the eliseparts exhaust and the difference is amazing in the mid range, the noise level has also dramatically increased though! I don’t know figures but I would say that it has to be around the limit for track day use, therefore I am going to use a silenced crp. Just something to bare in mind before you make your choice.


I’d be interested in the silenced CRP, I’ve gotta do me trackdays and there’d be nothing worse than not being allowed on 'cos of noise!

I have a s/s janspeed cat rep pipe that is for sale if interested let me know

Rich. Did you have the Janspeed sports exhaust (oval pipe)? Just i was going to fit one of these with silenced cat pipe in place of standard twin pipe system.
Any help with what to fit to improve performance and sound would be appreciated.

The car I have placed a deposit on has a silenced cat pipe and Janspeed oval pipe does sound great and can get on most circuits including bedford, tested = 99 dB

I thought Bedford was 98db?



I think Bedford is 101 db and 87db at 20m as my Elise was 100.6db and I was allowed on, or I could have just been lucky

Steve, I had the twin pipe janspeed system with non silenced cat pipe, this was fine for the last track day I did at Donington. As soon as I fitted the Eliseparts exhaust the noise was too much, but after fitting a CAT (kindly lent to me by SimonE, cheers mate) the noise level is acceptable, but obviously I don’t want to run the CAT all the time.
The power gain in the mid range surprised me a lot with this exhaust, and the noise is really nice, lots of pops and bangs with the occasional flame adds a nice touch. Basically, and I have said this before, the exhaust performs and sounds great, but looks naff, looks like two straws sticking out the back of my car, quite embarrasing!!

Rich, Interesting to hear your comments. I was going to get the Janspeed Supersports (oval pipe) rather than the twin version and was wondering if i should go for just the normal cat pipe or the Janspeed sports one as sold by racespeed. Just I would be gutted if i couldnt get on track

I fitted an EliseParts silenced cat bypass and final silencer to my 190 Exige which had been fitted with the Lotus cat bypass and standard silencer from new.The difference was amazing-much more midrange and none of the resonance the unsilenced bypass had.Bopper is now Ducatiman as I couldnt manage to logon for some reason and I have a Ducati 748SPS which bike equivalent of an Exige-balance between power and handling.

Ducatiman, I think I will end up fitting a silenced cat bypass pipe 'cus I don’t wanna get refused track day entrance, and simply backing off the throttle as you pass the noise check makes you look like a wuss in a slow car (obviously neither of the aforementioned apply!!) Anyway, how does your eliseparts exhaust look? I am gonna chop the end off mine and weld in an oval, does anyone out there know the dimensions of the janspeed oval?