Cat bypass pipe question

I have just fitted a Cat bypass pipe to a standard 177BHP. But it now needs more throttle to start, were before I could start it with no throttle at all. And it seems to use more fuel. I fitted the pipe myself and also asked the dealer if the engine needed re-tuning to suit the pipe. And they said no, is this true?Could do with some feed back as I do not want to damage the engine for obvious reasons.Cheers Nev.

Nev,I did this to my 177 as well and found the same thing, it also seemed to run leaner with the cat pipe.Just recently the wifes car also takes longer to start than it used to, maybe the weather is the cause as it sits outside whilst mine is the garage [image][/image]

Cheers Phil.Don’t think mines down to the weather as the problem started straight after I fitted the pipe.I have spoken to Nick Whales and he said removing the Cat should not have any side effects or less MPG. Guess I will have to get in the car from now on to start it.Cheers Nev.