Castle coombe

Any Exige owners going to Castle Coombe this weekend for the Club Lotus track day…taken my Exige S1 on the track for the first time and really looking forward to it…

Andy K,

Have a good time hope that you exhaust is not too loud, Castle Coombe has VERY tight noise restrictions. We got black flagged 2 years ago with a crp and Janspeed and haven’t been back since.

Cheers Steve.

Yep, a bit worried about the exhaust

I’m going not on track though hopefully the weather will be as good as today.

AndyK we will be there but are not out on track we will look out for you,
Simon and Elaine

…we will be there but are not out on track…

I thought you’d got over that habit!?


It will be good to see and talk to other Exige owners…as I’m the only one in the area at the moment…come and say hello…my reg is k33wel


You have to be weaned off habits slowly… we did do 3 laps

…in the lunch time parade behind a pace car

Simon and Elaine

You looked good behind the two yellow Elises, but looked even better when you were in front of them

Simon and Elaine

Hi Simon/Elaine, it was good to talk to you…shame we didn’t have more time. Had a look at your Exige, very nice.

What an experience…what a car…it was an absolutely awesome day and experience. Until you get the Exige on a track you just cannot experience its awesome ability, as I’m sure you all know.

I agree I certainly enjoyed being in front of the two Elise rather than behind. The yellow mark1 was actually my mate…so that was even sweeter.

Now that I am no longer a track day virgin I am looking forward to the next one. Hopefully I will get more involved with now.

On my first run a Laser blue Exige came up behind me then fell back. Next time I saw it it was on the back of a break down truck…was that anyone on here?

Hi andy watched you racing the 2 elises to, yh that was sweet i have to say we were rooting for you big time!!..

The blue exige apparently had a clutch problem moles1 told us we had a giggle at the AA man trying to get it on the low loader!!

Yep the blue one had a problem with the clutch which stopped working so was on a low loader back to Strattons in Norfolk.
Andy & the blue Exige were the probably the fastest ones out there.

Bloody hell…all the way to Coombe from Norfolk and only having 10 mins on the track…I would have been gutted.

At one stage I thought I would be going home…noise level 109db against a track standard of 100db. Had to take the end of the exhaust off and spend �50 on one of those silly looking mufflers, but at least I got on the track.